Subscription Access

Deploy a more comprehensive solution for less up-front money and scale as needed

Discover Subscription Access

Subscription Access offers simplicity, flexibility and comprehensive value so that you can easily acquire the Wonderware or Avantis software you need to drive your business. The subscription offering provides a first-of-its-kind “a la carte” approach that allows you to choose precisely the software applications and scale you need. The nature of subscription provides you with the flexibility to add or change application selection and scale up as your needs change.

Through the introduction of our subscription offering, AVEVA offers more licensing options with greater flexibility for you. Subscription provides access to advanced Wonderware and Avantis applications for a low initial cost, with the ability to spread software costs across the term of the subscription as an operating expense. In addition, subscription offers access to unique capabilities not available through other licensing programs.

Subscription Benefits

Customer Choice

Whether you need to acquire perpetual or subscription licenses, we have a commercial model that is right for you.

Large Scale, Low Cost

Get access to more advanced functionality right away. Larger scale, advanced applications are now in budgetary reach. Realize the benefits of a broader Wonderware software solution that you might have forgone due to budgetary constraints of a capital purchase.


The subscription offering also recognizes that your needs change over time. Your priorities may shift from productivity gains to quality improvement requirements. You may add to and change the composition of their subscription to meet these needs.

Enhanced Value

Subscription inclusions, provided at no additional cost, provide greater value (i.e., “more software for less cost”).

Subscription-only Features

Enhanced features and inclusions with subscription include access to software such as Unlimited Supervisory Server, offering access to virtually unlimited clients.

Scale and Flexibility

Deploy a solution that matches your current business needs and get a more comprehensive solution for less up-front cash.

Lower Acquisition Costs

Reduce capital spending by shifting to an operating budget, spread costs throughout the lifetime of the subscription (great for our OEM customers) and reallocate your financial resources to fund other projects throughout your business.

Access to the Latest Software

Subscription offers the ability to continuously innovate your Wonderware or Avantis solution with access to version upgrades and updates.

Customer FIRST

Access to our expert technical support engineers for support and software management is automatically included in Subscription Access.

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