Partner Solutions

Vertical and horizontal applications that complement our product portfolio

A Global Network of Automation Specialists

The optimal software solution for any business or municipality could require capabilities that cross technologies, experts, brands and cultures.

Wonderware has global network of automation specialists who are expert in adapting Wonderware solutions to the needs of specific industries. It is how Wonderware connects you with the operations, information and interface software that helps you do whatever you do, better.


ACP provides software solutions for automation networks that enable secure, centralized configuration and deployment of applications and content to every PC, thin client, mobile device and user. ThinManager® increases safety and security through powerful visualization and authentication features allowing you to reduce your maintenance and downtime by simplifying the management of all devices and users.

You can also go mobile with ThinManager’s built-in mobility solution, Relevance®—the only location-based mobile management platform that allows applications and content to be securely delivered to specific locations within your facility and nowhere else. Increase your productivity, visualization, mobility and security from one easy-to-use, centralized and scalable management platform.


Water and Wastewater data management and reporting applications put your lab, operations and maintenance information at your fingertips. Whatever you need, when you need it. AllMax Software applications enable you to simplify reporting, increase performance, standardize and access plant data throughout the enterprise, interface with compatible database platforms, increase asset utilization, and much more.


Arista Corporation is a leading provider of robust, innovative, and durable industrial computers to Fortune 500 companies. A commitment to quality and cutting-edge design is evident in the product portfolio that includes a patented Box PC-to-monitor mounted touch-panel computer, a range of fanless computers that includes liquid-cooled models, long-life industrial displays, and micro box, shoebox and rackmount systems; all backed by world class service and support.

LLumin Inc.

LLumin Inc. (previously eRPortal Software) is a developer and leading provider of enterprise asset management, maintenance management, and materials tracking software that enable companies to better manage their operations and strategic assets. The software interfaces with Wonderware HMI/SCADA to enable condition-based maintenance processes and trigger PMs based on utilization tags; as well as work orders based on out-of-spec tag values; all automatically, via Historian or ArchestrA object interface. Operators can also easily create and monitor work requests and upcoming PMs, all from within InTouch.


Longwatch offers video surveillance solutions using your existing high speed or SCADA networks. Utilize Console Recorder for operator training, or to capture what was on the operator’s HMI, DCS or SCADA screen at any time of the day or night. A video Historian is also available to capture video along with your product or process Historians.

Software Toolbox

Software Toolbox offers advanced device connectivity solutions for Wonderware that are scalable and comprehensive. Recent enhancements include TOP Server flexibility, scalability, efficiency and powerful utilities; and Omniserver 3 improved user protocol design experience and flexibility. Ask your Account Executive about powerful telemetry and driver specialties for Water/Wastewater, the power of LGH File Inspector, Galaxy Toolbox, and more.

Stratus Technologies

Stratus supplies computing platforms that keep all your Manufacturing applications up and running 24/7/365, enabling you to meet your production, revenue and quality goals. Stratus’ ftServer was recently awarded AVEVA’s HMI and SCADA Technology Partner Product for 2017. Additionally, May 2018 saw the release of Stratus ztC Edge – the first fully virtualized and self-monitoring edge server that is rugged enough for any environment.


XLReporter provides a reporting solution that combines the power of Microsoft Excel with a fast, reliable data collector and scheduler to perform data collection, manage background updates of worksheets, print reports automatically, provide charts and graphs, distribute results via e-mail, and publish results on the web.

WIN-911 Software

WIN-911 is deployed at more than 70% of the Fortune 100, protecting 12,000 facilities in 70 countries on six continents. WIN-911 delivers machine alarms and critical data via smartphone, voice, text, web and email – reducing system errors, downtime, and costs. WIN-911 has direct connects with Wonderware for System Platform, InTouch and InTouch Edge HMI.

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