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Line Performance Suite

Based on the industry-leading Wonderware MES/Performance solution, the Line Performance Suite is a turnkey Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) and monitoring package, ensuring you of an expertly designed system with integrated reporting, analysis and fast time to value.

Peak performance every time

The Line Performance Suite brings Operations Managers and decision makers in the Food and Beverage and CPG industries timely, accurate and relevant information to ensure peak packaging line performance and meet operational Key Performance Indicators.

Line Performance Suite in 60 Seconds

The Line Performance Suite Addresses Key Operational Challenges

  • Line Set-up: Ease line set-up and configuration for fast time to value

  • Packaging Performance: Remove bottlenecks, reduce downtime, and increase availability while gaining process metrics for both automated and manual lines

  • Product Quality: Lower scrap rates and improve first pass yields for better quality the first time

  • Process Visibility to Performance Metrics: Gain real-time views of operating parameters through KPIs in order to understand cause and effect of critical conditions, line stoppages and bottlenecks

  • Control System Integration: Achieve real-time measures of performance, impact of line changes, and immediate notifications of line conditions that can impact operations

The Production Line Performance Suite is a turnkey solution that captures and evaluates packaging line performance.

It is designed specifically for the Food and Beverage and CPG industries. Both manual and semi-automatic data capture and production analysis are provided with reason codes and root cause analysis functionality.

Line Performance Suite Features

Manufacturing Execution Software (MES)

  • MES solutions provide users with an “end-to-end” operations platform for excellence. Increase operational efficiencies, quality, compliance and packaging line performance. Eliminate manual data entries by integrating to control equipment, automated readers and other systems of record.

Integrated Reporting

  • Monitor operations with rich reporting and analysis to keep your Key Performance Indicators in check.


  • Model-driven operations management enforces business processes, enables collaboration and standardizes best practices. Facilitate corporate-wide standardization of practices, allowing multi-site system deployment and operations management.

Turnkey Solution

  • Line Performance is offered as a subscription service, for fast time to deployment and faster time to value. Everything you need- from reporting, to integration, to workflow, to MES- is in one, easily procured package. With a professional services option for set-up and commissioning, and our leading Customer FIRST for always-on support, it’s the no-stress solution for increasing the productivity of your packaging lines.

Line Performance Suite Demo

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