Manufacturing Operations Management

Achieve operational excellence through digital transformation of operational processes

Optimize Operational Efficiency and Profitability with Modern Manufacturing Operations Management

Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) is the practice of setting policies and rules to maintain production value and ensure that all aspects of your production environment are operating accordingly. It involves the continuous improvement of inventory, production, quality control, maintenance, and staffing around strategic objectives such as cost reduction, product innovation, sustainability, quality, and regulatory compliance.

Achieve MOM through applications such as Manufacturing Execution System (MES), Recipe and Batch Management, and Workflow Management; which digitally transform operational processes and information to enable efficiency and transparency.

You can approach MOM in different ways – from equipment and production performance only, or by integrating different operational domains through business process automation. Start small by implementing MOM at a single location, and grow to digitally capture and standardize processes, KPIs, and best practices across your enterprise.

Simplify your digital continuous improvement

Free advice and best practices: Learn how to keep your smart factory simple with a model-driven MES approach.

Redefining Manufacturing Operations Management

Better management of industrial operations can significantly improve your business. Today, many businesses continue to rely on familiar manual approaches, but find with analysis that these methods are too inconsistent and inefficient. Collaboration is also a challenge with these methods, so when experts retire or change jobs, their expertise goes with them.

While MOM and supporting MES software have seen significant improvement in bringing order to the plant, they may not reach their fullest potential if the solutions are difficult to use and too rigid to model the real-world dynamics of the plant.

Model-driven MOM is different. It brings together everything in the MOM/MES world, but elevates to a new level of effectiveness. Through a unique approach to model real-world interactions between your physical plant, processes, and people, it provides a set of templates tuned to your operations and an easy-to-use engineering environment that empowers you to refine and adapt easily, without need for coding.

Proven Operational Results

MOM software users have reduced operating costs by more than 50 percent, increased productivity by more than 15 percent, yield by more than 20 percent and have shortened time-to-decision by more than 80 percent.

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