Wonderware SmartGlance
Industrial Insight on the Go

Wonderware SmartGlance mobile application enables users to view industrial data and KPIs on mobile smartphones or tablets for real-time decision making.

The Wonderware SmartGlance Solution

What if you could manage status of your key operating metrics on your phone?
Your wrist watch? What if you could receive alerts anywhere, anytime?

With the Wonderware SmartGlance mobile information app you can instantly view real-time plant data from a variety of industrial data sources on mobile smartphones, smart watches and tablets. Tie into the Internet of Things by feeding SmartGlance with your historian, process control equipment or other devices that generate operational data. Download in minutes from your favorite app store and securely view, analyze and share production data untethered.

Anywhere, anytime and on any device:

  • Access to KPIs, anytime, anywhere, on any device

  • Expanded operational awareness

  • Accelerated decision making

  • Enhanced collaboration

  • Improved agility

  • Reduced operational costs and improved productivity

Industrial Insight on the Go

Find out how Seminole County improved the efficiency of its water and wastewater operations by taking advantage of the ease of use and mobile functionality of Wonderware SmartGlance.

The Business Case

Mobile reporting provides real-time access to critical KPIs and process or operational data via popular smartphones, tablets and wearables. This can reduce costs and improve productivity while enabling faster and better decision-making. Users are better equipped to review, analyze and collaborate.

What is Wonderware SmartGlance

The Wonderware SmartGlance Mobile Reporting is an industrial application that gathers real-time process data and generates Key Performance Indicators and makes them available through a variety of mobile devices. It connects your mobile phone with any corporate or production system data source.

Real-Time Viewing on Your Smartphone or Device

Virtually any electronic data that you now get at your desktop can be transformed into dynamic graphical reports for real-time viewing on your mobile smartphone or device.

  • View real-time or historical data reports

  • View Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), track changes, take action and collaborate with others — even outside of Wonderware SmartGlance

  • Arrange, sort and filter reports based on your priority

Real-Time Access to Critical KPIs

Users have real-time access to critical KPIs and process or operational data and are better equipped to review, analyze and collaborate. This can reduce costs and improve productivity while enabling faster and better decision-making.

Smart Decisions Anywhere, Anytime, Any Device

Unlike browser-based report applications, which are fraught with inherent delays and viewing problems, Wonderware SmartGlance presents your data in a format that is easy to read and easy to manipulate using any smart device native screen and touch navigation.

Make More Informed Decisions

Being out of the office shouldn’t put you at a disadvantage. On the road or in the field, your critical business information is as close as your smartphone, tablet or wearable device.

  • Easily compare your data with targets or benchmark

  • Instantly flip through hundreds of reports comparing data to help pinpoint problem

  • Sort any column in ascending or descending order and filter or freeze any column

  • Drill down allows you to pinpoint problems by letting you jump to dependent reports.

Tools to Take Action

Collaborative features allow easy emailing and report screen shots, so you can share results or direct others to take action. A dynamic “i” button hot links a call or email to a specific person, along with a URL containing showing more elaborate problem resolution instructions, including current maintenance status or schematic diagrams.

Graphical Reports as You Like

You choose which reports you want and view them as tables, pie charts or other formats. Wonderware SmartGlance graphics are mobile-friendly. See an entire report without scrolling left and right; simply swipe to view the next report.

  • View rich graphics – tables, line charts, bar charts, pie charts

  • Optimized for easy viewing on a small screen

  • Navigate using your phone’s native “touch” features

  • Versatile viewing options with support for both landscape and portrait mode

Real-Time Decision Making

Use smartphone touch screens to manipulate graphs, drill down multiple layers for deeper analysis. Zoom areas of interest or to the big picture. View two reports at the same time for easy comparison. Manipulate your display in portrait or landscape format.

  • Powerful touch screen analytics

  • Choose and expand data elements to identify trends

  • Compare data by time, date or other criteria

  • Customize reports

  • Share reports with your colleagues, easily

In-Depth Analysis

Stream real-time data from your data sources to your mobile phone or tablet. Up-to-the minute updates ensure that you always have the most accurate information on hand.

  • Live streaming of data

  • Connect to any database

  • View familiar report styles

  • 24 x 7 access from anywhere with real-time updates

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