Industrial Information Management

Unlocking the value of your industrial information

Industrial Information Management Empowers Your Operations

We offer more than data capture and storage.

We help you troubleshoot problems and identify trends to allow you to improve your operations. We enable enterprise-wide collaboration and reporting to eliminate geographic barriers to your success. As the global leader in human machine interfaces, a significant amount of industrial information passes through AVEVA software. Helping customers harness that data and turn it into insight to improve their operations is critical to our mission.

Gather the data to dominate your field

Every day, people, devices and processes are generating a large amount of data. But without context and meaning, it’s just noise. Wonderware Information Management isn’t just about collecting and storing data. It’s about analyzing down to the most miniscule details to discover the trapped value within your organization.

Data collection and access

As part of our portfolio we also have a secure managed historian, Wonderware Online InSight. Simple to configure it allows you to quickly unlock the information that you have already collected. This has the added benefit of reducing your IT burden for managing on premises hardware and software.

Data analysis

Our data analysis tools – Wonderware Historian Client, Wonderware Intelligence and PRiSM to name a few – are there to make sense out of industrial Big Data so that you can improve processes and act before failures occur.

Data reporting without bounds

We offer a range of solutions to deliver information in the right form to meet your needs. Dream Report for Wonderware enables simplified report creation and presentation. For mobile users, Wonderware SmartGlance brings you the information you need, where and when you need it. Wonderware SmartGlance has the added benefit of allowing you to personalize alerts.

Transform your data to insight with Industrial Information Management software

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