Closing the Business Loop

The Wonderware Approach to IIoT

We View Challenges Differently

The Wonderware approach to IIoT is paying dividends for many of the largest manufacturers around the world. The Wonderware portfolio adds value throughout your entire organization.

We manage your digital transformation holistically and systematically; introducing only the solutions you need, at the levels you need them, whenever you’re ready.

Challenge 1: Now that the cost of connectivity has fallen, how do we cost-effectively connect these devices?

Leveraging the power of our hardware agnostic platform, customers are able to connect to a variety of low cost, low power devices, regardless of the vendor. Our platform has the ability to harness the power of these IIoT devices through advanced wireless networks.

Challenge 2: After we’ve connected these devices, how do we store and process the massive amounts of unstructured, disparate data from these devices?

With our on-premise and cloud-based solutions like Wonderware Historian and Wonderware Online, customers have the ability to process and store high volume, high fidelity industrial data across the enterprise. Introducing these value-add applications effectively bridges the IT/OT gap by applying context to data to deliver real-time insights and improve operations. The scalability of storage and accessibility of the data is enhanced significantly through our high-powered cloud platform and mobile solutions.

Challenge 3: After we’ve stored and processed the data, how do we give it meaningful business context?

The Wonderware portfolio includes user-centric analytics, mobile applications and workflow management that enables users in industrial settings to have role-based, contextual business information in real time.

Our cloud- and mobility-enabled industry solutions and business applications empower industrial users with rich business logic to convert the contextual information into actionable decisions; effectively closing the loop with business operations.

This is the real value in leveraging the power of IIoT technologies.

Implementing Solutions Throughout the Value Chain

Delivering value in a connected world is what we’re built to do. The Wonderware portfolio is designed to add value throughout your entire organization.

We understand that shifting your operations to harness the power of IIoT is unlikely to be as simple as flipping a switch. That’s why we have software solutions and strategic partnerships in place to effectively close the business operations loop for you, at scale, as quickly or gradually as you need to.

Take Advantage of IIoT


At Wonderware, we have the strengths to differentiate ourselves in this rapidly changing environment. As new market trends re-shape the course of business decisions, we continue to make changes to our software portfolio to capitalize on these trends and deliver more value and opportunity to you.


Discover how we view challenges differently in the context of a connected enterprise.

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