AVEVA™ Process Simulation

AVEVA Process Simulation is designed from the ground up to enable the next generation of engineers and deliver the process side of the Digital Twin

The Digital Twin for your Entire Process Plant Lifecycle

AVEVA Process Simulation is an innovative, integrated platform covering the entire process engineering lifecycle of design, simulation and training to deliver the process side of the Digital Twin.

AVEVA Process Simulation is the first commercially available platform to take advantage of developing web-based and cloud technologies to deliver an enjoyable user experience so that engineers will be more productive, collaborative, creative and inspired.

Enable the Future of Plant Process Simulation

Plants are more complex and more integrated. Companies bring new processes and products to market more quickly. Engineering departments are global. Engineering Managers must respond to changing conditions while onboarding a new generation of engineers. AVEVA Process Simulation Platform is designed from the ground up to deliver the benefits of Digital Transformation.

Lifecycle Simulation

Reuse the same simulation over all engineering phases with Design, Rating and Dynamics modes in a single model.

Faster Adoption

Replace up to 50 programs used in a typical process engineering department with a single, easy-to-use interface.

Increase Collaboration

Change the engineering workflow with concurrent use by process, utility, control, and mechanical engineers.

Retain Top Talent

Make engineering more about creative problem solving, and less about button pressing.

Support the Process Model Lifecycle in a Single Platform

Conceptual Design

Find the optimal design through fast evaluation of design alternatives with flexible specifications and continuous solving.


Specify optimal equipment by modeling interacting systems and directly populating the engineering database.

Detailed Engineering

Find the optimal set-point with seamless dynamic simulation and design for controllability.


Enable fast troubleshooting through operator training simulation and integrated DCS logic.


Reduce downtime by running debottlenecking and process improvement studies with the same model in pressure-driven or flow-driven modes.

Create Process Models that Capture Corporate Knowledge

A next generation process simulation platform should help you design new processes and first-of-a-kind plants. AVEVA Process Simulation’s intuitive modeling features help engineers focus on the problem, move quickly and share the results.

Ease of Use

Groundbreaking ease of use with a responsive, intuitive interface based on modern standards such as undo/redo and notification badges.

Cloud Access

Overcome IT constraints with native cloud accessibility. Take advantage of parallel computing power.

Library Approach

Increase model quality and re-use by sharing custom models in protected libraries.

Unified Engineering

Enable multi-discipline collaboration with seamless information flow from one single data hub.

Steady State & Dynamics

Change modes anytime and in any direction among flow-driven steady state mode (Process), pressure-driven rating (Fluid Flow) and Dynamics.

Powerful Thermodynamics

Incorporate industry-standard thermodynamic methods and component databases.

Open Modeling

See the underlying equations and extend them with proprietary knowledge, or create completely new models with no programming.

Equation-Oriented Solver

Solve flowsheet models quickly and robustly using state-of-the-art numerics solved continuously.

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