Develop an EPC 4.0 strategy that sets your teams up for success,
saving you up to 15% on your total installed costs

Accelerate Capital Project Delivery and Digital Twin Creation

Empower your teams and cut the time, cost, and risk of capital project engineering. Our solutions cover integrated process design, simulation, engineering, procurement, construction, and handover processes. Ensure your capital expenditure counts for more, projects are delivered on time, and plants can start up faster and safer.

AVEVA Unified Engineering
AVEVA Unified Project Execution
AVEVA Unified Learning

Unified Engineering

AVEVA helps customers reduce capital project time by up to 20%, reduce cost by 30%, and overall CAPEX by 5%.

Unified Project Execution

AVEVA provides digital project execution and construction management capabilities integrated within the engineering solutions.

AVEVA Unified Learning

Experiential learning to build and sustain competence for today’s industrial workforce. Eliminate operator error and ensure consistent performance.

Increase collaboration, flexibility and
transparency for all stages of capital projects

See the software that underpins our EPC 4.0 strategy in action
and learn how it can make your work easier and more transparent to perform.

Learn more about our engineering solutions

Our engineering, procurement, and construction solutions are designed to bring bold thinking to life. At AVEVA, improving engineering efficiency is about elevating the industry and the people who make it work, unlocking possibility for industrial processes.

AVEVA E3D Design

The most advanced 3D design solution, enabling clash-free multi-discipline design to maximize engineering and design efficiency.

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AVEVA Electrical and Instrumentation

AVEVA Electrical is functionally rich, both for the Engineering Contractor in design and for the Owner-Operator in day-to-day operations.

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AVEVA Engage

Designed for touch, AVEVA Engage combines market-leading 3D visualization with a seamlessly connected view of project and asset information.

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AVEVA Enterprise Resource Management

Discover an ERM solution that supports the entire project execution process, from initial project planning and material identification to construction work pack planning and control.

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Register and process 3D capture data and interface with all major 3D CAD packages.

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AVEVA Manufacturing Execution System

Maximize profitability, flexibility, quality, and compliance in manufacturing by digitally managing the rules and information for all operational activities and plan events in real time.

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AVEVA Process Simulation

AVEVA Process Simulation is designed from the group up to enable the next generation of engineers and deliver the process side of the Digital Twin.

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AVEVA Unified Operations Center

AVEVA offers edge to enterprise visibility and control that enables agile, efficient and responsive operations.

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