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Edge to Enterprise

AVEVA World Digital: Accelerate Digital Intelligence

2020 was a tipping point in digital acceleration. Industries have shifted gears, and the intelligence revolution is here. What does this mean for your business? How can you capitalize on the great acceleration? All sessions are available on demand through February 26.

Edge HMI Webinar Series: Bridging the Data Divide with AVEVA Insight

Thursday, February 18, 10:00 AM CST

Learn how to gain more value from your AVEVA Edge data by using the AVEVA Insight platform to remotely monitor, control, and manage edge devices from any device with a web browser.

Edge HMI Tutorial: Convert End-of-Life Allen Bradley Panels to a
Platform Agnostic HMI

Thursday, March 18, 10:00 AM CST

Join us for a webinar that will show how systems built on legacy software like Rockwell Factory Talk and Panel Builder can be converted quickly and easily into Edge applications without re-engineering or engagement of costly development resources.

Wonderware Solutions are now AVEVA Solutions

As AVEVA looks to advance industries while enhancing the human experience, it’s key to add clarity and simplicity into our solutions. Following close collaboration with customers to streamline how our offerings are presented, we’ve decided to update product names across our portfolio.

Past Events

Integrate to Accelerate: How to Break Down Silos & Maximize Engineering Efficiency

Hear from our panel of experts to explore how unifying your simulation and engineering processes on the cloud drives speed to value beyond 15% savings on TIC and takes capital project agility and collaboration to new levels.

Reimagining Capital Projects: Transforming Through Data-Driven Execution

Discover how adopting a data-driven approach will help you deliver your next project on-time and on-budget. Register for this webinar to learn how AVEVA and Accenture are teaming up to help you optimize collaboration and decision making.

How to Expedite Operator Training & Increase Situational Awareness with Next Generation SCADA Design

With greater adoption of digital technologies into process environments, operators are under increasing strain to monitor and do more with the same or even fewer resources. Join AVEVA to learn how to:

– Reduce the time it takes to get frontline workers up to speed
– Increase consistency across operations
– Focus operators on value-driving actionable information
– Improve situational awareness and decrease human error

Ground-Breaking Performance Solutions that Deliver Sustainability & Operational Resilience

AVEVA and Microsoft deliver operational resilience through cloud solutions that offer enhanced visualization of your operations and enable prescriptive maintenance. In this webinar with Microsoft, learn how AVEVA Asset Performance Management and AVEVA Unified Operations Center can help you improve asset performance and reliability with powerful analytics.

Maximize Historian Data to Avoid Costly Equipment Failures with Guided Asset Analytics

Learn to break down barriers and make machine learning accessible to your whole team through a user-friendly and adaptive UI that leverages common visualization and analysis tools.

A Digital Approach for Driving Discrete Lean Practices

This webinar will cover paperless production operations & data collection, digitalization of work instructions, performance monitoring & analysis, and notifications of production issues for rapid collaborative response using an Edge-based interface. Learn how to drive line and plant productivity with proven Lean management practices including Andon, performance KPIs, digital work instruction, and digital work order management.

How Promon Engenharia Went From Simulation Training to Results in Less Than One Day

Promon Engenharia, a major Brazilian EPC, was an early adopter of AVEVA™ Process Simulation. During their first day of training, the engineering team was distracted by a last-minute request from an important customer: run 112 scenarios and deliver the results by 5 PM! This would be an impossible task with a typical process simulator, but the team recognized this as an opportunity to use the next-generation features of AVEVA Process Simulation. Join this webinar to hear this true success story from the engineers who achieved it.

Webinar: Increase Asset Reliability with Mobile Operator Rounds

Reduce unscheduled downtime and increase compliance with a digitized mobile workflow.

Webinar: Connecting Operators to Knowledge & Skills Development

How is your organization managing the skills gap for new frontline workers? Learn how AVEVA supports the shift toward connected workers with collaborative tools for implementing skills development and knowledge sharing.

Webisode: Operate in 15 – How staying flexible and standardizing your operations can help you stay ahead of the curve

Join us for a quick chat about Flexibility and Standardization in the context of industrial and infrastructure operations.

Webinar: Making Shell’s Digital Twin Dreams a Reality

Learn how Shell was able to gain immediate value from their Digital Twin strategy, powered by AVEVA solutions.

Webinar: Remote Monitoring: How to Maximize Operational Efficiency with Cloud and AI

With the rise of remote working, your teams must be empowered to make agile decisions and transform operations with quick access to actionable information. This webinar will specifically show how AVEVA Insight, available on the Azure platform, can help you drive business resilience and sustainable growth.

Webinar: How Schneider Electric Digitalized Their Lean Practices Across 70 Sites

Under Schneider Electric’s Smart Factory program, the company launched an initiative to transform its global network of manufacturing sites through the digitization of work information and Lean management practices to improve plant performance. Learn about the company’s journey to digitalize lean practices across 70 sites using AVEVA’s Discrete Lean Management solution for real-time production response and continuous improvement.

Webinar: APM 4.0 with Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics

Influence your ROI on asset performance with real-time sensor-based decision making and execution based on prescriptive analytics. This webinar will provide you with insights into how predictive alerts and prescriptive actions need to work together to fully unlock the value that APM 4.0 promises.

Webinar: Agility in Manufacturing – Shorten Lead Times and Reduce Inventory

Driven by the need for agility, transparency, and operational efficiency, manufacturers are looking to digitally transform operations and establish easier access to information and higher levels of automation. This transformation establishes a digital twin of the manufacturing plant. Join us to explore what defines a digital twin, how to achieve standardization of operations across multiple sites, and more.

Webinar: Smarter Mobile Alarming for Greater Process Uptime with AVEVA Edge and WIN-911

Learn to use HMI and SCADA software from AVEVA to reduce machine or process downtime and accurately address abnormal situations before they impact operations.

Webinar: Historian Tips & Tricks

Watch this one hour session highlighting some of the top tips and tricks to get the most value from your AVEVA Historian!

Webinar: Simple Cloud-Based Strategies for Managing Asset Performance

Hear how a leading water utility has reduced shift hours and time lost through traveling while streamlining communication between their operations, engineering, and maintenance teams. Find out how to connect operational data sources out-of-the-box to create a cloud-based asset hierarchy with search-based navigation, time series analysis, process graphics geolocation and mapping, and customizable dashboards.

Webisode: Operate in 15 – Empowering your Workforce and the Evolution of Remote Operations

Join Rashesh Mody, Head of Monitoring and Control, Business Unit, AVEVA for our third chat about Workforce Enablement with a focus on remote operations for industrial and infrastructure operations focusing on Edge (IIoT), Supervisory, HMI, SCADA and Enterprise Visualization.

Version 2020 Webinar Series: More than Simple Data Storage – Discover AVEVA Historian, formerly Wonderware

AVEVA offers a variety of solutions for managing industrial time-series, event, and alarm data to enable informed business decisions. Join us on Thursday, August 27 to discover AVEVA’s highly scalable Historian solutions suitable to any business size or architecture; as well as what’s new in the latest release.

Webinar: Virtualization at the Edge

Together with Stratus Technologies, join Wonderware Midwest to learn how to gain the benefits of virtualization and thin clients without adding complexity. Examples from large oil and gas, water/wastewater, food and beverage, and OEM machine builders will be used to illustrate best practices.

Webinar: Leverage Reporting Tools in AVEVA Edge for Business Continuity and Compliance

Reports are a critical tool for any successful HMI or SCADA application. Reports are necessary for record-keeping, data analysis, regulatory agency compliance, safety standards, or assisting in audits and recalls.

Join us for the webinar to learn how to use reporting functions in AVEVA Edge, and find out how additional reporting tools can be integrated with other applications.

Version 2020 Webinar Series: AVEVA System Platform, formerly Wonderware

Real-time operations control with AVEVA System Platform, formerly Wonderware, now offers even more performance improvement. Don’t miss out on this overview to learn about optimized engineering performance, OMI enhancements and new apps, and expanded communication drivers.

Webinar: Improve your team’s collaboration and performance with Discrete Lean Management

Achieve paperless production operations and data collection for performance visualization, analysis, and collaboration in response to production issues. AVEVA’s Discrete Lean Management is a commercial, off-the-shelf software with a ready to use digital user interface. Watch on demand to explore the solution, see a demo, and learn about Schneider Electric’s success with DLM across more than 70 sites!

Version 2020 Webinar Series: AVEVA InTouch, formerly Wonderware

The world’s favorite HMI has gotten a facelift! Learn about new features and improvements to AVEVA InTouch, including InTouch Web Client full browser support, new UI and improved workflows, and management of Industrial Graphics in the Cloud using AVEVA Connect.

Version 2020 Webinar Series: AVEVA Edge

AVEVA Edge (formerly InTouch Edge HMI) is an easy-to-use, powerful, and affordable HMI/SCADA solution that offers native interfaces and tools for optimized interoperability, productivity, and reliability. Discover the latest enhancements, such as: licensing variations, updated UI, Industrial Graphics, and Edge Management.

Webinar: Achieving Continuous Availability with Industrial Edge Nodes

Learn how to create a true edge-to-cloud integration that incorporates advanced visualization with seamless access to advanced applications and analytics. This webinar will focus on Edge computing and the hardware needed to facilitate a continuously available failure prevention system.

Webinar: Open up new possibilities to connect your operations with AVEVA System Platform

In this webinar, learn how AVEVA System Platform 2020, formerly Wonderware, empowers customers and system builders to build smarter ‘connected operations’, increasing productivity and efficiency through real-time access to any piece of information; driven by context leveraging responsive visualizations.

Why you should consider an Edge-to-Enterprise strategy
Webisode #1 – Operate in 15 with Rashesh Mody

Join Rashesh Mody, Head of Monitoring and Control, Business Unit, AVEVA for a quick chat on why you should be considering an Edge- to-Enterprise strategy focused on workforce enablement, operations agility, flexibility, and standardization when it comes to Supervisory, HMI, SCADA, and Edge (IIoT).

Webinar: Convert your Legacy Panel to InTouch Edge HMI

Learn how we can easily convert your applications from legacy equipment such as PanelBuilder™, FactoryTalk ME/SE™, PanelView™, and PanelMate™ to InTouch Edge HMI. Save countless hours of building, configuring, and troubleshooting projects from scratch with our automatic conversion tool.

Webinar: Building a Continuous Improvement Cycle with APM

Find out how Asset Performance Management can go far beyond just reliability centered maintenance and predictive analytics to help form the cornerstone of a comprehensive business strategy.

Webinar: Empower Connected Workers Across your Operations with AVEVA InTouch HMI

In this webinar, you will learn how AVEVA InTouch HMI 2020, formerly Wonderware offers a modern user experience for all InTouch customers. The 2020 release is the culmination of the journey we undertook 30 years back when we first introduced InTouch as the world’s first PC-based HMI! Now, AVEVA InTouch HMI users can harness the power of both cloud and web expanding the reach of information to all users, on any device.

Webinar: Unify City Operations to Ensure Safe, Reliable, and Resilient Services

Learn how Nava Raipur, India’s first greenfield smart city, leveraged AVEVA’s Unified Operations Center to deploy an Integrated Command and Control Center to streamline city operations, minimize risk, and lower their total cost to operate the city’s infrastructure.

Webinar: Turn Machine Data into Insight Starting at the Edge

Learn how you can enable line of sight from the edge and embedded machine-based systems to the operations management interface layer and find out what’s new in AVEVA Edge 2020.

Webinar: Secure Remote Access for Manufacturing

The rise of the internet and mobile devices have made us more connected in our everyday life. We can access and interact in real time with things like home appliances, and even our banks. Manufacturing facilities can also now offer access and visibility into production processes and machines, enabling workers to make accurate and timely decisions while being mobile. In this webinar we’ll look at a number of ways that AVEVA’s industrial software solutions provide remote access capabilities and bring the plant floor to you.

Webinar: Accelerating Digitalization & Agility for Fast Moving Consumer Goods

Understanding how operations excellence is transforming productivity for fast moving consumer goods manufacturers is key to learning digital transformation strategies. In this webinar, AVEVA’s Director of Product Line Management, Keith Chambers, will present insights on how industry-leading manufacturers are using MES to improve profitability while wowing consumers.

Webinar: Experience the latest real-time operations control platform for Supervisory, HMI, SCADA, & IIoT

AVEVA is happy to introduce our latest HMI SCADA portfolio – enabling smarter, connected industrial and infrastructure operations.

Webinar: Hundreds of truths, but which one to choose?

In this webinar, our experts Hans Franck and Harry Bleiburgh will present their insights into building a flexible asset strategy that addresses and mitigates business risk throughout the asset lifecycle. From design to decommission, you’ll learn how to create a successful asset strategy or find areas of opportunity in your existing one.

Webinar: How Sub-Zero Put the Freeze on Paper Processes & Errors

Learn how Sub-Zero uses a Manufacturing Execution System (MES) to digitally transform its work processes and achieve the trifecta of manufacturing goals: improve product quality, reduce cost and elevate customer satisfaction.

AVEVA World Conference

See the conference highlights!


Edge HMI Webinar Series: Recipe Management

Learn how to create a simple interface for recipe management in Edge HMI and find out how to simplify recipe optimization, deployment, and adaptation.

Webinar: Maximize the Value of your InTouch HMI with Historian

You already know how InTouch helps optimize production, shorten project timelines, and reduce risk and total cost of ownership. But, as powerful as InTouch HMI is on its own, it is only one part of the story. Join us to learn how Historian can unlock more value from your InTouch HMI!


Webinar: Increase Operational Agility in Food and Beverage Plants with Centralized Visualization Platform

Today’s IIoT technology offers a competitive edge by enabling easy data collection from disparate sources within the factory and across the value chain, providing contextualized information in real-time. Visualization of this broadly distributed data set, via a centralized platform, enables manufacturers to seize opportunities to improve operations and processes quickly and effectively.


InTouch Edge Webinar Series: Intelligent Alarming for Edge HMI and SCADA

Intelligent system design incorporates context, time/date and a filtering mechanism to understand what are symptoms and what was the actual cause. This webinar provides an overview of alarm functions for Edge HMI, and offers an insight in how alarms work in this powerful HMI/SCADA software.

Webinar: ​Maximize your Historian Data to Avoid Costly Equipment Failures with AVEVA Predictive Asset Analytics

Derive and Deliver tangible business value from your Historian data
In plants and operational environments, AVEVA Historian serves as a data source for Predictive Asset Analytics. It harmonizes and integrates multiple sources of data, making sure that the data is cleansed, accurate and structured for Predictive Asset Analytics to perform effectively.

Webinar: AVEVA Edge to Enterprise

Join AVEVA for a webinar about the ways a digital transformation and adoption of key technologies can be facilitated by a broad range of software solutions to help integrate disparate systems into a single source of truth. From edge device fleet management and edge to computing, to IIoT architectures, and a unified system architecture to give a holistic view of the business, AVEVA’s Edge to Enterprise portfolio offers solutions no matter where you sit on the digital maturity curve and offers the power to scale as you grow.

InTouch Edge Webinar Series: Event Logging & Traceability

Most problems within a plant or asset occur when no one is directly monitoring the system, making intermittent problems difficult to diagnose without having detailed history of previous issues. Automated logging of events like security and system warnings give operators and plant managers a chance to review older data in order to look for previously overlooked issues, or to catch up with any missed notifications.

Transform Inspections & Rounds with a Mobile Workforce & Decision Support System

In this webinar, hear from the City of Penticton, British Columbia who recently implemented AVEVA’s Mobile Operator Rounds solutions to address their workforce enablement and decision support needs. The City employees will explain why a town of 35,000, processing 88 million liters of a water day felt they needed to digitize their inspections and rounds, some of the lessons learned from their implementation of Mobile Operator Rounds, and how the implementation is beneficially impacting their decision processes in Penticton.

Unified Operations Center

AVEVA’s new Unified Operations Center, built on System Platform, offers faster time-to-value with out-of-the-box industry solution templates, reports, dashboards and operational KPIs unifying all available data from operational and business for increased operational agility. This complete application templates designed to transform your business by breaking down functional silos across Operations, Maintenance Operations Management using the first of kind context-driven Operations Management Interface (OMI) Visualization.

Predictive & Beyond: Using Artificial Intelligence to Increase Efficiency in Food and Beverage

With tight capital and operating budgets, food and beverage manufacturers are looking to “sweat” existing assets. Predictive maintenance can help manufacturers achieve significant reduction in unplanned downtime and increase asset reliability by providing early detection and warning of issues, inefficiencies and errors. And it doesn’t stop here. With the use of Artificial Intelligence, we can enjoy higher productivity and more savings advancing from predictive to prescriptive, and to prognostic levels.

Simplify & Fast-Track your Digital Transformation with AVEVA Flex

In this webinar you will learn more about how AVEVA Flex is a key enabler driving business agility and accelerating digital transformation. You’ll discover the full breadth of AVEVA Flex Subscription options and how they can be applied to a variety of customer scenarios, as well as some of the specific technical architectures that AVEVA Flex enables from on-premise, hybrid and cloud. We’ll also share some recent insights into the benefits some of our new AVEVA Flex customer are already realising by leveraging our transformative technologies with complete commercial and technical flexibility.

InTouch Edge Webinar Series: Graphic Visualization & Animation

Learn how to create animations with InTouch Edge HMI SCADA/HMI Software. InTouch Edge HMI is a powerful SCADA/HMI platform capable of creating graphic visualization of any SCADA system. Graphic capabilities, such as animations, play an important role in visualizing a system or a process, and making information instantly understandable.

InTouch Edge Webinar Series: Driver Configuration

Understanding the value of communication drivers and how how those drivers exchange data between both the logical and physical layers of industrial network is fundamental to successful system design. Join us for a webinar where we will explore the use and utility of communication drivers for Edge HMI, cover example architectures, and provide driver configuration examples that will help you to optimize communications throughout your operations.

InTouch Edge Webinar Series: Interoperability and Communications

It’s no longer sufficient to just communicate with PLCs at the control room level. Today’s HMIs must connect data from the Edge all the way to the enterprise level. Join us to learn an approach to interface design that leverages data for communication, manipulation, and presentation and exchanges it with any device, service, or package through advanced communications and interoperability.

Webinar: Drive Operational Efficiency through Digitalization of Operations

To deliver high quality products within specifications while meeting the expectation for operational efficiency, food and beverage manufacturers need to capitalize on big data and take advantage of new technologies. Digitalization of manufacturing operations paves the way for manufacturers to achieve improved profitability. Attend this webinar to uncover the opportunities within operations enabled by new digital capabilities.

Can Your SCADA See Into the Future?

Optimize your water network with modeling, simulation, and real-time control. Food and beverage manufacturers are faced with the relentless challenge of maximizing asset reliability. In this webinar, we will discuss the challenges faced by water network operators, articulate the benefits of integrating modeling and simulation with your existing SCADA, GIS, and customer billing solutions, and share several examples from water utilities around the world that leveraged AVEVA’s solutions to optimize their water.

Recording coming soon!

Webinar: Discover Untapped Line Potential to Optimize Productivity & Capacity

Food and beverage manufacturers are faced with the relentless challenge of maximizing asset reliability. Cutting back on planned maintenance, adding more machines or calling for overtime to cover the impact of low asset reliability all sounds too familiar. With the help of digital transformation, food and beverage manufacturers can better manage operations to achieve higher productivity and capacity without compromising other aspects of operations.


Webinar: From Edge to Enterprise – Realizing the Benefits of IIoT & Cloud

The traditional challenges of implementing IIoT with Cloud technologies have included the difficulty of integrating disparate systems and technology, analyzing the data produced, and the inability to connect physical equipment to the internet.

Today, next-generation industrial monitoring and control software combined with internet-enabled hardware has solved many of these challenges, but the inability to quickly access and gain insight into the enormous amount of IIoT data captured by HMI and SCADA systems has hampered the adoption of these technologies and the benefits they can provide.


Webinar: How Maple Leaf is Improving Efficiency with a Multi-Site MES Approach

View the webinar to discover how Maple Leaf Foods is improving operational efficiency, increasing Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), and reducing unplanned downtime with a manufacturing execution system roll out across their plants.


Centralize Manufacturing Data from Multiple Sites with AVEVA Insight

How can we store process data from multiple sites into a central and reliable location? What are the benefits of doing so? We explore ways customers have accomplished this, what benefits they saw, and how Wonderware Midwest assisted along the way.


Consolidating Disparate Data for Real-Time Analysis

Learn how Wonderware Intelligence allows you to combine and compare individual data sources, revealing hidden relationships in your industrial operations and offers new insight to your business as a whole.


Optimize Availability with Remote Asset Monitoring

Explore how the status of remote assets has historically been difficult to determine and how technology is allowing companies to better monitor and control this equipment. Whether simply monitoring the equipment state or receiving alerts to an abnormal condition, awareness is improving the way we do business.


The Value of Quality vs. Quantity in Manufacturing Data

Have you struggled to make sense of or report on the information that you’re currently collecting in your data warehouse or data lake?

Watch the webinar to understand the benefits of analyzing your industrial process information in context. We’ll walk through the advantages of storing relevant data in context versus volume for near real-time reporting purposes.


Going Beyond SCADA with System Platform

Wonderware System Platform 2017 with InTouch OMI, the World’s First Responsive Visualization Engine for Modern User Experiences. From HMI and SCADA systems to MES and IIoT applications, System Platform 2017 opens you to a new world of operational efficiency.


Wonderware Insight

With its unique, frictionless approach, Insight is the best solution for unlocking your operational data quickly and easily – and you don’t need to be an engineer or need large IT projects or staffing to get started!

With the digital transformation of Industry 4.0 and the industrial internet of things (IIoT) upon us, now is the time to discover the benefits of secure, cloud insights in your business.


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