Solutions for the Power Industry

Driven by regulatory and consumer pressures, power utilities are seeking higher efficiency, reliability and safety.

Here to help is a new generation of technology innovation. Leading innovation in the Industrial Internet of Things, Big Data Analytics, mobility and workflow collaboration, we bring many promising new opportunities for operations and maintenance improvement.

9REN operates 568 photovoltaic installations in Spain, and Italy

In total, 9REN currently generates more than 99,000 megawatt hours of electrical power every year and, based on its global growth objectives, that number is expected to rise with each morning sun.

Navigating the Evolving Utility Market

Utilities, both public and private, are investing in technology to reduce costs, drive efficiency, increase competitive advantage and support emerging business models. They looking for better ways to collect, analyze and act on increasingly larger data stores.

Integrated Organizations

Changing consumer engagement modes, business and environmental trends and evolving technology are moving utilities away from solid structures to integrated environments that blend business, operations, IT and mobile solutions.

New Opportunity

This cohesion presents new opportunities to consolidate disparate data sources, improve information sharing, increase situational awareness, reduce operations and maintenance costs and increase overall efficiency.

Minimize Downtime and Reduce Risk

By implementing comprehensive data collection, analysis and visualization along with mobile workforce tools, utilities can minimize unplanned downtime, control expenditures and reduce risk. Effective data management also helps with safety and regulatory-compliance and knowledge capture, which is especially critical with today’s transitional workforces.

Proven Solutions

Wonderware offers the most comprehensive operations and information management solution available anywhere.

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