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Machine builders, Solution Builders, and OEMs are tasked with continuous innovation to maintain market share. Among the greatest opportunities to add value to today’s systems is in equipping them to integrate with other machines and the extended enterprise through IIoT, big data, and cloud technologies. Modernize your equipment and applications with secure mobile access, reporting capabilities, and aftermarket training and maintenance to bring significant value to your end users.

The AVEVA monitoring and control portfolio offers flexible, vendor agnostic HMI and SCADA solutions to manage and improve operations with new levels of connectivity, collaboration, and standardization.


  • AVEVA System Platform, formerly Wonderware: A responsive, standards-driven, and scalable foundation for supervisory control, HMI, MES, and IIoT. Contextualize operations processes across the organization for continuous operational improvement and real time decision making support.
  • AVEVA InTouch, formerly Wonderware: An award-winning HMI software that visualizes and controls vital plant processes in real time.
  • AVEVA Edge: AVEVA Edge allows the creation of intuitive, secure, and highly scalable HMI and SCADA applications with the ability to design once and deploy anywhere as an agnostic solution.

Maintain compliance with accurate regulatory reporting for processes based on high-fidelity time series data.


  • AVEVA Insight: Allow your users to make better and faster decisions with complete visibility to operations and asset performance. AVEVA Insight cloud platform allows you to unlock critical data, increase collaboration, improve asset reliability, and drive operational performance. See for yourself with a 45 day free trial.
  • AVEVA Historian: Capture and store high-fidelity production data with a secure, high-performance database. AVEVA Historian offers advanced data storage and compression combined with industry-standard query language for easy access to all process, alarm, and event data.
  • AVEVA Historian Client: Tap into your AVEVA Historian with a powerful analysis and reporting tool to generate real-time and historical data charts and reports. Operators, engineers, and decision makers can get an instant snapshot of what is happening during any industrial process.
  • AVEVA Reports for Operations (formerly Dream Report): No-code software with simple drag-and-drop, point-and-click configuration allows report generation in under five minutes. Create production and batch reports quickly and have them automatically delivered to anyone, anywhere.

With capabilities now afforded by cloud computing and advanced connectivity, OEMs can further innovate their solutions with digitized training, machine support and maintenance services.


Predictive Maintenance Programs


  • AVEVA Teamwork: Minimize onboarding time and facilitate the creation of a digital knowledge repository where best practices and detailed process knowledge can be documented before experienced workforces retire.

Machine Evaluation & Optimization

  • AVEVA Insight Performance: Increase utilization and efficiency, and easily identify areas for continuous improvement with root cause analyses. Standardize and compare OEE KPIs to share best practices and improve performance of your machines across end user sites.

Collaboration, Work Instruction & Remote Assistance

  • AVEVA Teamwork: Implement skills development, knowledge sharing, and collaboration management across your enterprise.
  • AVEVA XR Studio: Empower workers with extended reality and digital work instruction to complete a variety of tasks safely and accurately.

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