Dairy Processing

Reduce waste and achieve complete traceability in production

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Key Challenges & Solutions

Respond quickly in the demand-driven industry with AVEVA’s comprehensive portfolio
of solutions that support dairy manufacturers to ensure product safety and quality,
reduce waste, and improve operational agility.

Dairy manufacturers rely on agile operations to meet consumer demand. The AVEVA monitoring and control portfolio offers unlimited possibilities to manage and improve operations with new levels of connectivity, collaboration, and standardization.

  • AVEVA System Platform, formerly Wonderware: A responsive, standards-driven, and scalable foundation for supervisory control, HMI, MES, and IIoT. Contextualize operations processes across the organization for continuous operational improvement and real time decision making support.
  • AVEVA InTouch, formerly Wonderware: An award-winning HMI software that visualizes and controls vital plant processes in real time.
  • AVEVA Edge: AVEVA Edge allows the creation of intuitive, secure, and highly scalable HMI and SCADA applications with the ability to design once and deploy anywhere as an agnostic solution.
  • AVEVA Teamwork: Implement skills development, knowledge sharing and collaboration management across your enterprise. Minimize onboarding time and facilitate the creation of a digital knowledge repository where best practices and detailed process knowledge can be documented before experienced workforces retire.

Dairy processing involves producing a wide range of products that requires agile changeover for production, including different recipes and strict clean-in-place procedures between batches. How can dairy manufacturers manage a dynamic daily plan, introduce a variety of new and diverse finished goods, optimize costs, and minimize waste?

  • AVEVA Recipe Management: Increase operational efficiency and flexibility with a commercial, off-the-shelf formula and recipe management software that offers simplified recipe optimization, deployment adaptation, and execution.
  • AVEVA Batch Management: Manage and automate flexible batch operations for multiple products to increase throughput and deliver consistent quality to recipe specification. The control system agnostic batch management software offers guidance and oversight to both recipe management and batch execution with a complete history record (EBR).

Quality, safety, and regulatory compliance for finished products are imperative in dairy processing. AVEVA’s execution software helps dairy producers ensure production consistency based on reliable process control, record accurate data for HACCP and traceability, and continuously improve processes.

  • AVEVA Manufacturing Execution System (MES): Digitally manage rules and information for all process activities and plants in real time. Reduce the time to value and total cost of ownership for plant deployments or multi-site MES rollouts by applying a templatized approach centered around work processes.
  • AVEVA Advanced Process Control (APC): Reduce process variability and increase profitability with a dynamic model of your process.

Dairy manufacturers are tasked with maximizing production from existing equipment while managing labor, material, and costs throughout their processes. Pressure to operate under tight margins and with limited capital investment makes performance improvement a top priority.

  • AVEVA Insight: Make better and faster decisions with complete visibility to your operations and asset performance at your fingertips. AVEVA Insight cloud platform allows you to unlock critical data, increase collaboration, improve asset reliability, and drive operational performance. See for yourself with a 45-day free trial.
  • AVEVA Insight – BI Gateway: Automate the extraction, transformation, and storage of operational KPIs and related contextual information across the data structures of Insight. Users can query data from the operational space using their preferred IT/BI tools.

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