Wonderware System Platform provides complete, automated visibility to Clean-in-Place (CIP) system for craft brewer

Wonderware Midwest augments Sani-Matic expertise to exceed end user timelines and expectations with full implementation


  • Complete overview of system, 4 recipe editors, and monitoring screens for CIP processes
  • Maintain object-oriented and graphical standards already in place at facility


  • Sani-Matic had extensive experience with Wonderware InTouch, but had not been exposed to Wonderware System Platform


  • Brewery has automated visibility to CIP process with provisions supporting future scalability
  • Sani-Matic expertise and customer service, supported by Wonderware Midwest, led to success of deployment and foundation and opportunity for future expansion

The Wonderware trademark is owned by AVEVA Group plc or its subsidiaries and is being licensed to Wonderware Midwest by AVEVA Group plc or its subsidiaries.