5 Data Uses for OEMs with AVEVA Solutions

While shopping for a new hard drive the other day, it became apparent that space is pretty cheap. For around $50 I can easily get a 500 GB hard drive. Do you know the amount of data that can be stored on 500 GB? A lot. This explains why customers capture so much information from their processes. Data storage is becoming less of a challenge than using the data in meaningful ways.

In our last blog post, we discussed a Wonderware solution for OEMs to capture information from customer machines locally, and then to pass that information to a common database in the cloud. Questions arise such as “How do we sell this information back to our customer?” and “In what other ways can we leverage this information?”. In an effort to answer these questions and more, we discuss five ways in which OEMs like you have successfully leveraged data.

1. Warranty Claim Follow-Up

Occasionally equipment breaks or malfunctions. It happens. This is true with most consumer products as well. As the manufacturer, you always question to some degree whether the equipment truly failed, or perhaps some action on part of the user led to the untimely death of the machine. By capturing key information from your equipment, you gain the necessary insight to fully investigate claims and rule out any actions leading to warranty void.

2. Preventive Maintenance

What if you could offer your customer a maintenance contract that includes timely tune-ups and fixes before a catastrophic failure occurs? Preemptively notifying your customers of machine care adds potential cost saving value and provides them with reassurance that their asset is in good hands. Use captured data to up your customer service game.

3. Process Improvement

Not everyone uses equipment the same. For example, I may shut my computer down every night; while my colleague sets his to sleep mode. We may come to find out that shutting down constantly wears on the power supply and causes me to have to replace it years in advance. Because you make the equipment sold to your customers, you probably have detailed information on the “best” way for it to operate. Leverage the values captured while your equipment is in operation to create a summary of best practices that will guide and coach current and future users. A minor tweak here and there could mean huge savings in the long run.

4. Product Improvement

Using data collected from multiple customer locations, you gain detailed information about your product and its performance outside of a test environment. With this detail, internal analysis can be made to strive for better results and functionality. Show your customers that your product is under continuous improvement with factual data.

5. Machine to Machine Comparison

Building on the previous suggestion; comparing data from machine to machine will make you more reactive for customers as you strive for consistent and quality operation across all installed equipment. This is true for internal use as well.

Don’t be overwhelmed with the volume of data being stored. Instead, embrace and leverage that information for both you and your customers. Together with Wonderware Software you can bring greater value, stronger customer service, and improved results that are immediately apparent to both you and your customer.

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